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Our professional proposal writing team have received proposal writing training directly from DG-ECHO and OFDA/USAID, are Project Management Professional certified, and certified in knowledge of the SPHERE Core Humanitarian Standards.


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Experienced in writing fundraising proposals for all humanitarian sectors, we will collaborate with your team to create a proposal that works for your organization and meets donor priorities. We understand and navigate the humanitarian environments in Syria, Turkey, and Iraq based-on years of experience in the region.  

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We have worked supporting local and international NGOs for years. We know our clients' greatest challenge is making time to develop the needed skills to create winning proposals. Let us lend you our skills and get you access to funding so you can focus on what matters.  

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We have what it takes to help your organization succeed.

Whether you are a dreamer with a vision or an established nonprofit administrator ready to push your organization forward, we have the solutions and resources needed to help grow your nonprofit.

With over 13 business services, we are confident we can help your organization succeed.

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Successful United Nations and Government Proposals

DG-ECHO and the European Commission


USAID, BPRM, Food for Peace and OFDA

UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Global Affairs Canada and INSPIRE FUND


Writing Proposals on a professional Level


Each proposal opportunity presents unique challenges; hence, Access' services are flexible and responsive. Last minute "emergencies," unique circumstances, and unusual requests are typical and routinely accommodated.


Writing is an art. It is one way of communicating with people to share the thoughts and to give concrete ideas and messages. It is more challenging than speaking because speaking is more interactive and both sides can clarify at once if they need more information. Writing cannot give that kind of chance and in some way, it is a passive way of communicating. However, good writing can provide concrete messages to the readers.

In our opinion, proposal writing is more than that. We write proposals aiming to get budget out of this. So, it is more challenging than other types of writing. When it comes to the art of pursuing and winning funding, there’s theory—and then there’s reality.

The reality is that organizations never have enough time, people, or money to do everything they theoretically should be doing to win funding. ACCESS provides professional proposal services focused exclusively on humanitarian and development settings—with a practical, cost-effective, and efficient approach to winning funding for our clients. We’ll tailor proposals to fit your needs—from the smallest to the largest funding opportunities. Our proposal consultants have worked in the field for 5+ year and know how to achieve cost-effective, winning results.

We at ACCESS know how to do it!


If you want more in-depth support and help writing a proposal, then consider our services.

Submit a comprehensive and totally compliant research grant


Boost your chances of securing funding with a persuasive research grant proposal written by ACCESS' team of expert consultants, writers and editors.

At ACCESS, we understand how important it is to secure funding. We also know just how difficult and time-consuming writing a grant can be. That is why we offer a comprehensive Grant Writing service to take the pressure off. Our team of expert consultants, writers, and editors can help you with:

  • Putting together a clear, persuasive proposal
  • Reviewing and/or editing the drafts of the proposal written by you
  • Comprehensively evaluating the final written proposal to ensure compliance with all requirement

We would love to assist you with your grant application so that your project gets funding. 

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